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No One Knows Aso As Well As We Do! Our Recommended Tourist Spots

Only The Best Places To Visit! Limited Availability Value Tour – Only Available Via Our Website!

A sightseeing course that includes all the best spots in Aso


  • 01Aso Station(START)

  • 02Kusasenri(20min)

  • 03Mt. Aso Volcano Crater(20min)

  • 04Aso Shrine(30min)

  • 05Aso Station(GOAL)

Total time
2hours 30minutes
¥17,000 (tax included,
does not include parking)

※ Parking fees are to be paid in cash on the day of.

Cancellation fee is 100% for same-day cancellations, and 50% for cancellations made the day before.
Customers are responsible for paying for toll road fees, facility usage fees, and parking fees.
If the customer wishes to extend their tour, we may ask you to pay extended tour fees.

Experience Unforgettable Scenery Aso Vistas & Kurokawa Hot Springs Tour

Enjoy the views at Daikanbo Lookout Point and Nabegataki Falls, and stroll around the hot spring
town of Kurokawa.


  • 01Departure location

  • 02Kusasenri

  • 03Mt. Aso Volcano Crater

  • 04Daikanbo

  • 05Nabegataki Falls

  • 06Kurokawa Hot Springs

  • 07arrival

These are just some of the many tours we offer! Please ask us about other places you may like to visit.

Aso Photo Gallery

  • 熊本城

  • 草千里

  • 阿蘇の棚田

  • 阿蘇山

  • 大観峰

  • 鍋ヶ滝

  • 高千穂峡

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